iFood is the biggest food delivery company in Latin America, with operations in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico.
iFood is part of the Movile Group.

Delivery de Vantagens is iFood's reward program for its partners (drivers), with a huge range of benefits.

This was the first version of the project, that has already evolved by another internal iFood team since the conception made by me and the team I worked with.
I designed the first architecture rough with my company's Project Manager and developed by myself through meetings with iFood's management and the external developers.
The solution had two parts: the driver's app and the validation platform for partnered brands.
The app:
The drivers already have an app, so there was no need to make a new one, but to implement this new part to it. 
After gathering the majority of the information I needed (they didn't have everything defined), I started designing the user experience architecture and right after I designed the interface using Adobe XD.
The process for claiming the benefits work this way: the driver chooses the category of the benefit, select one of the options from the available list (varies with the driver ranking), and activate it, generating a code.
App Home
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Validation Platform:
As seen, each benefit had a unique random-generated code. This code needs to be validated by the partnered brand location, for double-checking, and to create a history/report of rewards claimed/given.
This platform is very simple: it has the main page for code validation, the history list, and a simple account info page.

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